Hair Growth!

Did You Know?

If all the hairs on our head grew and went through the three phases of the hair life cycle all at the same time, we would all go bald every 4-7 years once the hairs hit telegenic phase!


All hair goes through three phases in its lifetime: Anagen( growing phase), Catagen( resting phase), and Telogen( shedding phase).  The average hair grows 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month. Some of us may experience more or less growth than this each month. The Anagen phase can last for 4-7 years and as we age it slows down. The Catagen phase, your hair takes a break from growing and prepares to be shed. This phase can last from 4 weeks to as long as 4 months. The Telogen phase your hair naturally sheds. 


There no secret ingredient(s) that makes your hair grow down to your back. Hair growth is based on HORMONES and TERMINAL LENGTH. That’s it plan and simple. Understanding hair growth does play a factor in establishing a healthy hair care regimen. Knowing the process that is responsible for hair growth and maintenance will put you in a better position to evaluate hair products and their claims.


Hormones are the primary reason for hair growth and are powerful regulators of cell process within the human body. When your hormone levels fluctuate they have the ability to lengthen or shorten your hair growth or even put your hair in a resting phase. A key example is a women who is pregnant. A pregnant women’s hormones increase to prepare her body for birth which puts her hair in a Anagen( growth) and Catagen( resting) phases. 


Terminal length is the longest your hair on your head can grow given your monthly hair growth rate and your Anagen(growing) phase. It is the length your hair would reach if it was never cut, broke off, just simply allowed to grow freely with no interruptions. Once a hair has completed its growth period, which is terminal length, it will shed naturally and push out a brand new growing strand. This process repeats all over your head, for every strand for the rest of your life. Keep in mind terminal length isn't determined by the current length of your hair at any point. For example: Someone will say, "well, my hair always grows to my shoulders and then stops. This must be my terminal length. WRONG. Our hair does not stop growing because it is a certain length, it stops growing after a certain time period has elapsed. 

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