Length Retention!

Effective hair care regimen building is an important, necessary step in the healthy hair care process. Most of your hair care regimen will be done at home so it is imperative to understand the basic hair care products, practices and methods that drive successfully hair care regimens and encourage healthier hair growth.

Most people understand that our hair grows from our hair follicle which are situated within the scalp. However, a secondary requirement for hair growth that is often over looked is retention. Without retention, no visible length progress is seen even though the scalp continuing to push out new hair daily.

Hair grows in a two step process: hair emerges form the roots and hair retention along the length and ends of the hair. In healthy individuals, hair emerging process happens naturally day after day, independent of hair care practices. Length retention however, is strongly dependent on personal hair care methods and requires concentrated efforts to sustain. 

When hair emerges from the scalp but isn't preserved at the ends, then no hair growth will be visible, no matter how fast or how much the hair grows out from the scalp. Hair growth will appear to be stagnant, although new hair is always emerging from the scalp. 

So what can be done to preserve the ends of hair so that hair has the opportunity to increase in length over time? Build a solid hair care regimen that protects against damage and breakage through quality product selection and other maintenance techniques. 

On our next blog we will dive into "Common causes of hair damage" that can prevent length retention. Until then happy reading.


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